"Just by browsing through the boudoir images on her website and Instagram, it’s obvious that Felicity Dane is a highly skilled photographer. She likes to play with natural light and shadows, take crisply focused shots, and use simple interior environmental elements. But as you study her models more, that’s when you realize [Felicity] likes variety! Many Louisville boudoir photographers have a palpable visual approach. However, [Felicity's] work, although not immediately perceptible, has different subtle themes present from one picture to the next. There are nice smiling pictures, some light and airy, delicately feminine, moody, mysterious, sexy and suggestive, combinations. And she moves among them so easily and seamlessly. [Felicity's] versatility is terrifically engaging."
-Peerspace Top 10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Louisville, 2021
" If I could give Felicity more stars, I would. I can't begin to explain how amazing and comfortable she made me feel."- Bethany
"Don’t let her age fool you. Felicity is an incredible photographer (as if she’s been in this business for 30 years), and her photos are absolutely breathtaking. I spent one full Sunday with her taking boudoir photos, and have never felt more supported or more beautiful than I did that entire day. She was my biggest fan, and hype girl, during the entire session, and showed me unedited pictures that I was shocked to know are me. She offered an entire client closet full of items that were available for all sizes (plus size included!!), and tried every single item in my size to see which ones worked with my body shape and skin tone. I have never been super comfortable in my own skin, and she completely changed that. If I could give her more than 5 stars, please know that I would max out the stars to give her. She is absolutely amazing, and I fully recommend her for any and all of your photography needs. If you want a photographer-turned-hype girl-turned-friend to be a part of any special days (or just a weekday), I cannot offer more of a recommendation to book with Felicity!" -Olivia
"Not only did my pictures turn out absolutely incredible, but Felicity made me feel so comfortable and more beautiful than I thought possible. I've been raving about my experience to anyone who will listen and I'd recommend her to anyone for the photography needs!" -Katie
"I had an absolutely amazing time working with Felicity! She is very professional and great at making you feel comfortable and helping you with posing. I would highly recommend her!" -Laura
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