The basics: What is boudoir?
In a short, cutesy definition, boudoir is a celebration of your body as it is now. It can be sweet and feminine, strong and bold, sexy and moody, or a combination of the above. It celebrates every curve, every stretch mark, and every change that your body has endured to carry you through this life.

What do people wear to these sessions?
Anything you want! The point is to find what makes YOU feel the most confident and beautiful! I tend to recommend that we start with something cute and comfy- like an oversized sweater, a partner's tshirt, jeans and a cute bralette, or a frilly pajama set.  This gives you the chance to get used to the camera and dip your toe in, so to speak. I have a client closet available with sizes ranging from xs-4x, and there's always the option for a nude or white sheet set at the end of your session! You can wear as much or as little as you want–I promise you'll look killer either way.

Do you share client images on your website/social media?
I NEVER post client images without the written and explicit consent of the client/model. If a client does choose to allow their images to be shared, there are different levels of image releases to choose from. You can choose to share all of your images, anonymous images only, or even add your own stipulations. You'll be able to hand-select certain platforms they can be shared on, specify a date they can be shared after, or even tell me to block someone if I'm sharing on Instagram. Don't want your ex stumbling across my page and seeing you? Consider them blocked, babe. ​​​​​​​

I'm nervous for my session. Any advice?
Of course you're nervous! Honestly, it would be weird if you weren't. You're about to strip down in front of a camera– not many people do that daily. However, I promise to be there with you every step of the way. We'll sip mimosas while you get your makeup done, set up your favorite playlist, and spend some time going through wardrobe options together. Then, during your session, I'll pose you from head to toe, dance with you, laugh with you. and tell you how good you look every step of the way. Boudoir shoots are meant to be a positive experience from the second you walk in the door, not just a means to a gallery in the end. I promise we'll have a blast!

Can I bring a friend to my session?
If you're wanting to bring someone along for moral support, I'm absolutely fine with that! I just ask that you discuss expectations with them beforehand so we can all have the best experience possible. If they'd like to come for just the makeup portion of the day, that's wonderful as well! I ONLY want positivity in the studio during your session, so if they show anything but support during your session, I will ask them to step out. I also ask that guests refrain from taking photos during your session unless previously agreed upon in a model contract. (PS if you wanted to bring a friend to be IN your session, send me a message! custom BFF packages are available!)

Do you do couple's sessions? 
Yes! Just add that in your notes on my contact form!

Do I have to get hair and makeup done?
I always encourage clients to take advantage of their complimentary hair and makeup services before their session. It helps you feel pampered and spoiled, and my makeup artists know how best to apply for the camera. This experience is an investment in YOU– you deserve to enjoy it all! However, if you decide to forego these services, please note that these are complimentary services and therefore will not change pricing.

Do you do men's sessions? 
People of all genders and gender identities are welcome here.

Do you offer payment plans? 
Yes! I offer both pre-session and post-session plans upon request.
(Please note: final images will not be ordered until full payment is received.)

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